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RSC Twitter Poster Conference – March 02, 2022

I attended the RSC Twitter Poster Conference for the last two days, a great event. Interested in my poster contribution? You can find it here.

New supplementary cover art – February 15, 2022

Happy to announce that the supplementary cover art for our new perspective article has been chosen for publication.

How can theory further approach complicated situations in Ionic Liquid modeling? – January 20, 2022

In our new Perspective article „Chemistry Dissolved in Ionic Liquids. A Theoretical Perspective“ we summarize in three cases of advanced ionic liquids research what methodological progress has been made and point out difficulties that need to be overcome.

Dissolving Tellurium in Ionic Liquids – December 17, 2021

Excited to announce that our work with researchers from the TU Dresden about the „Coexistence of Tellurium Cations and Anions in Phosphonium‐Based Ionic Liquids“ is now available in Chemistry – A European Journal.

Calculation of Bulk Phase Vibrational Circular Dichroism Spectra – supported by HPC.NRW – December 02, 2021

Many thanks to the „Kompetenznetzwerk HPC.NRW“ for supporting our research about the calculation of bulk phase vibrational circular dichroism spectra. A short summary of our most recent results can be found here.